We make credit repair simple.  Responsible credit repair is more than disputing information with creditors and credit bureaus it requires a full understanding about how the credit scoring system works.  We prepare you with all the vital information to obtain the best credit scores that you can have.   We also use all of the consumer protection laws to benefit you and improve your credit reports.  These laws govern how the credit and banking system operates.

Is our credit restoration program affordable?  Yes, especially compared to the cost of having less than perfect credit.   The cost of less than perfect credit is overwhelming.   You pay more for everything that you get from deposits on cell phone services to the unbearable interest rates on loans.  For around $2.89 a day you can change your life forever.  Is that affordable?  You betcha.

This is the magic question and the answer is it varies.   It really depends on where you start from.  Every credit situation is unique and the time table to obtain the goal of a 750 Fico score or better will be different for each individual.    Most of our clients see significant improvements to their credit profiles within the first six to nine months of our program.   However, with the larger goal to obtain a 750 Fico score or better it takes a diligent effort.  At a 750 or better Fico score you will qualify for the best interest rates that most lenders have to offer.

We are different because we “get it”.  You are more than a client and you have more at stake than a credit score, it is your life we are trusted to improve.   You have dreams for yourself and your family and you want them to be realized.  Our company was started based on this truth, and our programs were developed to give you the opportunity to reach those goals and more.   We have testimonies of individuals who have successfully completed our program and swear by its life changing power.  Now it’s your turn.  Your life is the one we are focused on today, and your results are the only thing that matters.   We understand what you want and we have built our reputation on this principle.

You can have a beautiful life even after bankruptcy, liens, judgments, foreclosures, repossessions, collections, inquiries, late payments, etc.   Your credit history is unique to you, so we create your individualized score improvement solution to fit you as well.  It is important to tell you there is hope, and we can help you.

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