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Join the 750 Score Challenge today. We wake up in the morning knowing that today we will change someone’s life forever. Everyone should be able to pursue their dreams without the worry, embarrassment of rejection, or fear of losing what they have worked hard for. Credit repair is more than disputing items on a report, it’s literally the clearing the name of innocent people and restoring their rightful opportunities. 



Credit influences so much, the car you drive, the house you live in, the schools your children attend, your student loans, the job you have, insurance rates you get, and most of all the money you have in savings.



It’s safe to say that credit can be life changing, more importantly,  good credit will change your life. What is truly unfair is living with less because a company carelessly reported misinformation about a you.



For this reason we have endeavored to be the needed change. Helping you to understand your credit reports, dispute errors, responsibly borrow and manage debt, or recover from identity theft is what we do.

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Its Who We Are

Founded in 2007 Credit 1 USA was birthed out of necessity. We believe it to be our company’s responsibility to equip Americans with the skills, information and services required to help them overcome financial challenges. We aim to assist in the advocation for consumers across the nation. We strive to help lenders offer innovative and alternative solutions to credit denial, that mutually benefit consumers and businesses alike. Strategic alliances with businesses for employee benefits, financial literacy, and economic productivity is paramount to our long-term success.

Most of our clients learn about credit the hard way, and this is one of the huge gaps that we will fill. Benjamin Franklin once stated “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That is why we offer free education to help consumers know their rights, and understand how the credit system works. We believe that credit reports should represent the true and complete picture of an individual’s credibility.

Inaccurate or incomplete credit reports undermine consumer’s trust in the integrity of the financial system in America. Our remedy is financial education, training, and assistance in disputing inaccurate, incomplete, or unfair credit reporting errors.  Successfully achieving this goal will drastically reduce default rates and improve the credit worthiness of the borrowers of tomorrow.

This is our mission and these are our tasks, we not only accept it, we welcome the challenge!

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